Saturday, June 03, 2006

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome. This is my first blog, so forgive me as I stumble around.

the Christian in Culture. Why this name? Well, I've been on a journey with God (that may sound rather presumptious but more on that later) over the last 13+ years mostly focused on this topic. Another possible name could have been "the Seed in the Soil", but theCinC was the first that came into my head. Plus, with my military background, I thought theCinC (as in the Commander in Chief) rather catchy, too.

As a purpose, I hope to develop my ability to challenge and motivate the Church (God's people already in the fold) to be effective in the culture - see it as an opportunity - in reaching the lost (God's children not in the fold). I'll share insights from the Bible, life, my voluminous reading, etc - and listen to other's thoughts. You are an important part of this blog - "as iron sharpens iron" comes to mind.

I hope this blog will do several things:
  • Help me clarify and develop ideas. I tend to do my best thinking while writing. Writing also forces me to develop one thing at a time - I tend to skip around on many things and get very little down in writing.
  • Share my thoughts and insights and get feedback.
  • Make a difference. Ultimately, that should be the goal of every Christian - to make an eternal difference in the lives of people. I am a hopelessly romantic crusader (for the Truth).

Just a note for the non-Christian or even non-religious (an oxymoron but more on that later). You are welcome here. I hope you will find the things said here to be well reasoned. Though this is far from a comprehensive statement of my faith, I initially came to believe in God because it was more reasonable to believe in His existence than not. Again, you are welcome here. Your participation is invited - afterall, you really are the ultimate target of the ideas found here. You are an invited guest, not the enemy.

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Mark said...

Let this be only the first small step of a new journey.

God Bless you, our Country, our Leaders and most of all those who put their life on the line for us all!