Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Moment's Taste of Eternity

Sudden moments of perfect beauty
Taking our breath away.
Filling us with awe and wonder,
Pointing beyond, yet strangely familiar.
Reminders of where we really belong.

Translucent ocean hues darkening into deep,
Your newborn first grasping your finger,
Sunrise, sunset, full moon, and more.
Pointing beyond, speaking softly
The One we seek seeking us.

Eternity suspended in love’s surprise
Sure every tick of time should be such.
Experiences sustaining hope
Til one day every moment will be so,
When we finally return home.

Overwhelmed at the glimpse revealed.
Love's finger-painted picture just for me,
And just for you, and just for you ...
Love so personal yet undiminished
Though shared with infinity.

Joy's consummation instinctively rises.
Praise and thanksgiving are due.
Hearts must sing, must not be silent.
Simply the rightness of it all.
This taste of eternity in a moment.

But some see and don't see.
Almost-joy festers having no one to thank,
And unfulfilled denies the hope intended.
Closed hearts and clenched fists
Lost in knowledge miss the point.

A glimpse of heaven's Master
Reaching down to all,
Loving His creation.

@ Harold Henderson, 2002
This work may be freely reproduced in unaltered form for non-commercial use.

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