Friday, June 08, 2007

Foolish Public Education

Submitted to local papers for publication:

“The God who is totally irrelevant and can be safely ignored is not God.” This is the subtle, but effective, indoctrination our children receive through 12 years of so-called “religiously neutral” public education.

IF there is a God, then all meaning, morality, and all Truth are rooted there. Teaching anyone contrary to this fundamental and basic foundation is teaching a lie and seeking their harm. Teaching our children religious neutrality “… doesn’t necessarily mean that they become atheists, but they are likely to think about God in a naturalistic way, as an idea in the human mind rather than as a reality that nobody can afford to ignore.” (“Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds” by Phillip E. Johnson.)

Wouldn’t teaching the existence of God and his basic characteristics – justice, love, mercy, etc – in public education be indoctrination? Yes, but no more so than the current “religiously neutral” approach!

But someone will be offended. Teachers can deal with incivility and hatefulness, but Truth always offends liars!

But it’s illegal. Not by the founding fathers or the Constitution. “Separation of church and state” is not there. Belief in God, disbelief, and ignorance are all religious positions. Pick one!

But, but, but …. Come on. We can send men to the moon and can’t figure out how to do this? We haven’t tried. We twiddle our thumbs and argue about prayer at graduation while generations of our children get foundationless educations. No wonder we keep getting more and more foolish with the passing years.

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