Sunday, September 16, 2007

bzzzzz zZAP!

bzzzzz "Hey, Martha, come look at this," says Fred Lizard to his wife. She scampers to the opening in their Grand Canyon cave to find Fred staring intently outside. bzzzzz bzzzzzzz "Look at that beautiful sunset. It just takes your breath away, doesn't it." bzzzzz They stand there enraptured as the hues blend and finally darken with the fall of night. bzzzzz

Do lizards, spiders, squirrels, deer, birds, etc watch the majestic display of sunrises and sunsets? Do they feel the same sense of timelessness, awe, and inspiration as we, or are they oblivious to the whole thing?

Actually the beginning story above can be written, "bzzzzzz zZAP!" It appears the capacity for wonder is a particularly human trait. We'll stop eating to get lost in the experience of the vastness and beauty of sunrises, sunsets, storms, mountains, snowy scapes, the sea meeting the land, the fathomless blue of the deep ocean, canyons, and grassy plains.

We'll spend hours accomplishing nothing but taking it all in with a sense that time has not been wasted at all. In this beauty is a hint of fulfillment beyond sight.

Every one sees the painting but few praise the artist.

Earth's crammed with heaven,
And every common bush aflame with God.
But only those who see take off their shoes.
The rest sit around and pluck blackberries.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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