Sunday, July 29, 2007

Moral Relativisim

Below is one of my articles that ran in local newspapers today (7/29/07). Article submissions have a 250 word limit. It's pretty much motherhood and apple pie on the subject - thanks a lot to Greg Koukl and his material from Stand to Reason.

Is torturing children for personal enjoyment right or wrong? Surprisingly, some would say, “I don’t like that and would never do it, but who am I to judge?” Sound familiar? Welcome to the dominant philosophy of our culture – moral relativism.

In moral relativism, there are no universal moral absolutes – no Rights, no Wrongs – just preferences. Modern tolerance – doing whatever you want with none to say you’re wrong – sounds appealing, doesn’t it? This myth of moral neutrality eliminates categories of good and bad; Hitler’s morals were just different, not evil. Phillip Johnson says it’s become more intolerant to “name evil than do it,” but aren’t we denying our humanity when we fail to condemn what’s so obviously Wrong? Some things demand judgment! Unmask the moral relativist by asking, “You wouldn’t murder, but you think others should decide for themselves?”
Moral relativism doesn’t fit reality. It’s unlivable; still, it floods in through our education, political, and media establishments. Its allure is freedom from accountability from sin, but denying sin no more eliminates its consequences than naming Gollum’s ring "Precious" made it harmless. When “Judge not” is more popular than “For God so loved,” we’ve clearly lost our way. The real answer for sin is forgiveness, not denial.

A co-worker used to say, “Reality will prevail.” Thank God for the brick walls and pain of reality that signal we’re going down the wrong road, but, oh, the price we pay for our ignorance and lack of conviction. Will America wake up in time?

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