Sunday, August 19, 2007

"I Do" or "I Will"?

My wife and I attended the wedding of the daughter of friends at our church. Saying the bride was beautiful is like saying apple pie is good, so let's just say this hot apple pie had ice cream on top.

As I was looking through the local paper this morning for my mother-in-law's weekly column, there was the bride's picture under a caption to the effect: local couple says, "I Do." I don't remember them saying, "I Do." What I heard was a lot of "I Will's." Now, I'm sure somewhere in the ceremony they did say "I Do," but it's the "I Will's" that I remember.

Maybe 35 years of marriage colors my hearing - 35 years of "in sickness and in health", "for richer, for poorer", the blessing of children and curse of teenagers, separations and wonderful homecomings (courtesy of the military). The "I Do" of 35 years ago may have sealed the contract, but it is the "I Will's" that have sustained it and enabled two strong-willed people become closer to one.

Marriage is God's creation and God's plan. He is actively involved. It's really three contracts in one - the bride pledging her faithfulness to God; the groom, his commitment to God, and the bride and groom saying to one another that, on this day, "I Do," but, forever, "I Will."

(dedicated to Laura and Ryan)

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